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8 Signs That You May Have A Dental Abscess

When you have a bad tooth that becomes infected, you may develop a dental abscess. This condition shouldn’t be ignored because it could eventually lead to some serious complications.  You could risk losing your tooth, or if the infection gets out of control you may even be sent to a local hospital. 

Our dentist at solidSMILES can administer the proper dental abscess treatment for patients in the Lewisville and Coppel area. During regular dental check-ups, we can spot a dental abscess in its early stages. However, your symptoms may develop between appointments. Knowing the signs of an infected tooth will help you get treated faster.

Watch out for these common symptoms of abscessed teeth.

  1. Fistula, Gum Boil or Pimple-Like Bump On Your Gums – A fistula is a pimple-like knot that’s full of pus. These bumps are located on the gum tissue in the same location where the end of the tooth’s root is.
  2. You See Pus in Your Mouth – Typically a gum boil has a small hole in it that allows the infection to drain. If you see pus in your mouth, then it’s likely that you have a fistula somewhere.
  3. There’s A Bad Taste or Odor Somewhere in Your Mouth – When pus drains in your mouth you’ll notice a bad taste in a particular area and your breath may change.
  4. Temperature Sensitivity – Experiencing pain doesn’t always mean a dental abscess. For instance, feeling discomfort when something cold touches your tooth typically means something other than an infection. On the other hand, feeling pain with hot foods/drinks almost always means you have a dental abscess.
  5. Pain When Pressure is Placed on Your Tooth – Chewing or biting your teeth together can mean you have a fractured tooth or a dental abscess. Most often, fractured teeth end up getting abscessed. So even if your discomfort isn’t that bad at first, you should see our dentist in Coppell. When a tooth infection is at its worst you won’t even be able to touch your tooth without feeling severe pain. 
  6. Sharp Unprovoked Pain – If you experience unprovoked and sporadic pain then you may have an abscess. It’s also likely that the pain wakes you up at night and over-the-counter pain medicines aren’t enough to give you relief.
  7. Swelling – Swelling is not something that should be ignored. Inflammation may start near the gum of the abscessed tooth but if it’s left untreated the swelling can spread. Infected teeth on the lower arch of your mouth can reach your neck impairing your ability to breath and swallow. With top teeth, abscesses can cause your eyes to swell shut.    
  8. Having A High Fever – When your tooth has caused you to have a high fever you have a serious condition on your hands. Seek medical attention right away whether it be by going seeing our Lewisville dentist or a DFW hospital for urgent care.

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Treatment for Your Dental Abscess

Dr. Hiral Patel provides dental abscess treatment to families throughout Lewisville, Coppell, and the northern Dallas/Fort Worth area. Whether it’s for routine care or a dental emergency you can count on us! We offer extended hours to meet the needs of your busy schedule. Come see us today.

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This article was written by Dr. Hiral Patel DDS

Published: 09/16/19 9:00 AM