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Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral cancer refers to cancers that form in the mouth (cheek, gums, tongue, and roof), as well as the back of your throat. Oral cancer can be life threatening and should be detected as soon as possible.

An oral cancer screening can be done in less than five minutes. The screening involves examining the head, mouth, and neck. This examination is commonly done every six months, during your routine dental cleaning.

If you suspect that you have oral cancer, you can call and make an appointment specifically for an oral cancer screening at solidSMILES Lewisville.

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Advantages of Oral Cancer Screening

The main benefit of regular oral cancer screening is that you can catch it early. Early detection is key to successful treatment and recovery. It’s also convenient. Oral cancer screening should be done every six months, which is how often you should get a dental cleaning. We can do both during the same visit.

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