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Periodontal Therapy

Periodontal diseases are infections found in the structures around the teeth, which include the gums, periodontal ligament and alveolar bone. In their earliest stages, infection (otherwise known as gingivitis) is limited to the gums, but this alone is a major contributor to tooth loss in adults. If not dealt with promptly, then the problem can quickly spread to other tissues, making the situation far more complicated to rectify.

Thankfully solidSMILES offers a range of services to help improve and maintain healthy gums, and these are referred to as periodontal therapies. If caught early enough, in many cases the infection can be halted and reversed without the need for invasive surgery. However, in cases where the disease has progressed, surgical intervention may be necessary.

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Advantages of Periodontal Therapy

  • A beautiful smile.  It’s not just your teeth that make your smile great, your gums play an important part too. Periodontal therapy can ensure you have clean, healthy-looking gums that give you the confidence to smile wide!
  • Fresh breath. Persistent bad breath (known as halitosis), is a key indicator of gum disease, and is caused by the build-up of rotting food particles below the gum line, bacteria and plaque. Periodontal therapy can alleviate these problems and leave you with naturally fresh breath.
  • Tartar removal. Tartar and plaque can build up both above and below the gum line, and left untreated, can cause serious dental problems. Tartar and plaque can’t always be identified and dealt with independently, and as such, regular professional checks are important to your long term oral health.