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Sleep and Airway Evaluation

Sleep dentistry is an area of a dental practice where oral appliance therapy is used to treat sleep apnea, sleep-disordered breathing, and even snoring. solidSMILES works closely with a sleep specialist to determine the best dental sleep solutions to treat your individual case.

There are a number of different options for sleep apnea treatment in Lewisville. Your dentist decides on the best treatment depending on how severe your disorder is.

If you have a mild case, we may recommend behavioral changes like losing weight, switching your sleep position, quitting smoking, and having you wear an oral appliance for sleep apnea while you sleep. This dental appliance helps reposition your tongue and jaw to improve airflow. It looks like a mouth guard you would wear when playing sports.

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Advantages of Sleep and Airway Evaluation

  • Non-invasive, very effective. Some benefits of this oral appliance include:
    • Easy to wear
    • Portable
    • Comfortable
    • Simple to take care of
    • Convenient when traveling
    • Quiet